[VIDEO LIST] Khuntoria Moment

100917 Nichkhun at TAT press

credit as tagged

khuntoria beautiful moments

cr : victoriacailey

110102 演艺通信 Nichkhun Victoria Khuntoria Cut

cr : xixilovexiah

Khuntoria Couple- Dancing to 2PM’s I’ll be back

cr : missxamiify1

120101 Ending Khuntoria MC [MBC Gayo Daejun]

cr : THVicOmma

Khuntoria – Be My Baby

cr : KTlove555


cr : hellokhuntoria

111231MBC Khuntoria MC

cr : KieuHo1990

111231 Khuntoria interview On Hunan TV (Original Ver.)

cr : PaoToria

KhunToria MBC Korean music Festival ( TEASER )

cr : KhunToriaLuvers99

Khuntoria interview Kara

cr : 2pmthsubs1

Nichkhun+Victoria – Caribbean Bay_Aqua Loop – Making Film

credit as tagged

MBC 101229 KhunToria Cuts

cr : KhunToriaLuvers99

101230 KBS music festival ending 2AM2pmBEASTcnblueSNSD

cr : rainonedayss


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