Interview Victoria Menyinggung Nama Nichkhun

Beberapa waktu lalu hasil Interview Victoria di Majalah Yes terbitan Hongkong, ada menyinggung nama Nichkhun. Penasaran? Baca hasil interview Vic di bawah ini….


Q1 : What are you busy with recently?
V1 : Endorsements, Fashion Shows

Q2 : What do you like to do these days?
V2 : Posting photos on Instagram

Q3 : What made you felt happiness recently?
V3 : Eating pork belly (samgyupsal) with the staff

Q4 : What is the most recent gift that you received?
V4 : a Fan letter

Q5 : What TV show have you been watching recently?
V5 : “The Heirs” our Krystal is in it!

Q6 : What has been worrying you lately ?
V6 : Acting filming

Q7 : An unforgetable performance recently ?
V7 : at SMTown in Beijing , so many people attended

Q8 : A new recipe you have been working on lately?
V8 : Soft drink / soda milk

Q9 : Something you have been learning recently ?
V9 : Japanese

Q10 : Any new goals lately ?
V10 : I hope to film a new drama

Q11 : Your favorite Korean dish ?
V11 : Grilled pork belly (Samgyupsal)

Q12 : Your favorite fruit ?
V12 : Durian

Q13 : Your favorite color ?
V13 : Black, dark color tones

Q14 : Your favorite place ?
V14 : Outdoors, Nature

Q15 : Your favorite number ?
V15 : 22

Q16 : Your ideal type ?
V16 : Men with thick eyebrows„ and needs to be gentle and kind

Q17 : Your favorite sunbae (senior) ?
V17 : Kangta sunbae from H.O.T

Q18 : Your favorite nickname for yourself ?
V18 : “Song Yang Guang (Song Sunshine) , V Baby

Q19 : Your favorite music genre ?
V19 : Korean drama OSTs

Q20 : Your favorite ice cream flavor ?
V20 : Green Tea flavor

Q21 : What do you usually do on holidays ?
V21 : Watch Korean dramas in the dormitory

Q22 : What lifestyle habits do you have ?
V22 : Making breakfast for the f(x) members

Q23 : Which member are you close with ?
V23 : We’re all close

Q24 : What items do you carry with you when you leave home ?
V24 : Handphone and wallet

Q25 : What is your best dish ?
V25 : Fried rice, sweet and sour pork , mapo tofu

Q26 : What do you need before taking bath ?
V26 : Hair tie, headband

Q27 : What is one thing you have to do when you go on trip?
V27 : Go to the supermarket

Q28 : What do you do when you dont understand the Korean?
V28 : Use aegyo

Q29 : Do you get angry easily ?
V29 : When Amber can’t stop being noisy

Q30 : Why do you stretch while talking to others
V30 : Saves time

Q31 : What was your personality like when you were young ?
V31 : I was a crybaby

Q32 : What was your childhood like ?
V32 : Apart from dancing, it was just more dancing

Q33 : The first time you were praised because ?
V33 : My teacher noticed that my body was very flexible

Q34 : Did you have good result in school ?
V34 : I was a class captain once, so i guess they were alright

Q35 : What was your first relationship like ?
V35 : With a classmate in college

Q36 : Your most unforgetable filming ?
V36 : Filming “We Got Married” with 2PM’s Nichkhun

Q37 : How did you feel seeing your virtual husband Nichkhun for the first time ?
V37 : Surprised, i didn’t think it would be him

Q38 :  Your first impression of your members ?
V38 : They were very young and really kind

Q39 : How did you feel when you found out you were debuting as part of f(x) ?
V39 : Very excited, but also very nervous ?

Q40 : Your first advertisement ?
V40 : Mobile phone advertisement with Rain sunbae

Q41 : When you are no longer an artist, what would you like to do ?
V41 : Open a bakery

Q42 : If you didn’t debut with f(x), what group would you want to debut with ?
V42 : I only want to debut with f(x) members

Q43 : Which member of f(x) would you wants to marry ?
V43 : Amber, because she’s manly and know how to takes care of people

Q44 : If the members are arguing, you would ?
V44 : Try to break up the argument, my Korean isn’t that great so i would probably become anxious and cry

Q45 : What do you imagine yourself to be like in 10 years ?
V45 : I would married and had kids i guess

Q46 : Apart of singing and filming dramas, what else would you like to try ?
V46 : Act in movies

Q47 : If you were to release another travel book, where would like to go ?
V47 : Not sure, i’ll think about it when the time comes

Q48 : What do you want to do the most in future ?
V48 : have a concert that belongs to f(x) only

Q49 : If you have a one week holiday, what would you like to do ?
V49 : Go home to visit my parents

Q50 : What words you want to say to your members ?
V50 : Thank you, I’m sorry, i love you

Liat pertanyaan ke 36 dan 37..Wow..unforgetable filming Vic sama Nichkhun?huaaaaaa…kenapa coba Vic gx jawab acaa variety show nya dia bareng f(x) kaya f(x) koala gitu?secara keluar negeri terus, tapi dia jawab WGM sama Nichkhun??hhmm,…berarti waktu Vic bilang di last episode WGM kalo dia gx akan pernah lupa tentang memori selama di WGM itu bener ya…Oh My Khuntoria Feels…..:D

Trans cr to iheartfx and _JJKim0202


21 thoughts on “Interview Victoria Menyinggung Nama Nichkhun

  1. jelaslah vic gk pernah lupain, banyak banget memori indahnya apalagi banyak yg pertaama kali vic lakuin tuh sama nichkhun.. aku masih percaya kalau khuntoria tuh masih deket sampe sekarang hehe khuntoria forever 🙂

    thank you for update author-nim, and please update if you found out a new news 🙂

  2. wahh, thanks min infonya. hehehe. Khuntoria Forever dehh. btw, katanya ada rumor ttg khuntoria gitu akhir” ini ? admin tau gak ? tengiuuuu

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