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Khuntoria ( Korean: 쿤토리아; Thai : คุณตอเรีย; Chinese : 维尼夫妇; Japanese : クントリア) is a couple’s name in the program We Got Married (WGM), a popular South Korean reality TV show. The husband is Nichkhun, the Thai member of boy band 2PM. The wife is Victoria, who is the Chinese leader of girl group f(x). The word Khuntoria is a combination of Nichkhun and Victoria. They are the first foreign couple in We Got Married, with the husband from Thailand and the wife from China. They spent 456 days (one year and three months) together in We Got Married from Season II to Season III as a married couple.


On March 4, 2010, new rumors of Nichkhun casting surfaced through several newsites, even naming T-ara member Eunjung as his partner. However, JYPE stated that they were forced to decline the offer due to schedule clashes. On June 1, 2010, ‘We Got Married’ was announced additional cast members, pairing up Nichkhun of 2PM with Victoria of f(x) and the couple filmed for the first time.

Leaving the show

On September 06, 2011, MBC “We Got Married” announced Khuntoria would leave the show in mid-September, the end of 1 year and 3 months of hypothetical marriage, on August 30, 2011 they film for the last time.

After the end of the show

On December 15, 2011, MBC Korean Music Festival official facebook announced that Khuntoria will be one of the four couples for the 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun Festival (or 2011 MBC Music Festival) MCs which aired on Saturday, December 31st at 10PM (KST).

Dubbed couple names

* 삼겹살커플 ( Samgyeopsal couple ) – Samgyeopsal is Nichkhun’s and Victoria’s favorite Korean dish. * 쿤토리아 (Khuntoria) – Acknowledged by Nichkhun and Victoria as their official Korean couple name. * 维尼夫妇 ( Winnie Couple ) – Acknowledged by both as their official Chinese couple name. * International Couple – Because they hail from different countries, Nickhun from Thailand and Victoria from China * No-Hands Couple – Because they are often seen performing tasks for each other from eating to washing hands. * World Star Couple – Given by JoKwon in Episode 11. * 화보커플 / Poster Couple / 画报夫妇 – MC commented on them because when they took photos their pictures always comes out perfect.


In May 2011, 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria was chosen as the Caribbean Bay 2011-2012 model.


Date Anniversaries
2010.06.01 Khuntoria First Date Anniversary
2010.09.08 Khuntoria 100th Day Anniversary
2010.12.01 Khuntoria 6th Month Anniversary
2010.12.17 Khuntoria 200th Day Anniversary
2011.03.27 Khuntoria 300th Day Anniversary
2011.04.19 Khuntoria First Bobo Anniversary
2011.06.01 Khuntoria One Year Anniversary
Date Anniversaries
2011.06.14 Khuntoria First Kiss Anniversary
2011.06.14 Khuntoria Propose with Ring Anniversary
2011.06.21 Khuntoria Wedding Anniversary
2011.06.21 Khuntoria Second Bobo Anniversary
2011.07.05 Khuntoria 400th Day Anniversary
2011.08.30 Khuntoria 456th Day Anniversary
2011.10.13 Khuntoria 500th Day Anniversary
Date Anniversaries
2011.12.07 Khuntoria 1st 100th Day since the Last filming
2011.12.08 Khuntoria 555th Day Anniversary
2012.01.22 Khuntoria 600th Day Anniversary


* Nichkhun & Victoria both won ‘Popularity Award’ for MBC Entertainment Awards 2010‘. * The couple performed a sexy dance stage for MBC Gayo Daejun 2010, which also broadcasted live in China by HunanTV as one of the special segment. * At 64 episodes Khuntoria couple currently has the most episodes for a couple in the “We Got Married” show. *

Fanclub: Khuntorians – (In one of Nichkhun’s tweet refer fans of Khuntoria as Khuntorians.) *

Slogans: “Khuntoria Fighting”, “Khuntoria Forever”, “Khuntoria 456″. o

Chinese fans’ slogans: “Khuntoria V587″, “维尼夫妇 Khuntoria Forever”. o

Japanese fans’ slogans: “Khuntoria Fighting DongDong”

Khun mentioned Vic

Vic mentioned Khun

Khuntoria Fancam

Khuntoria Moment

Khunnie’s CF dancing Nu ABO

Khunnie dancing Nu ABO in Dream Team recording

Khunnie dancing Nu ABO in the US

Khunnie dancing Nu ABO in Everland concert

Khunnie wanted to invite Vic to the concert

Khunnie mentioned Vic in Shenyang

2/12 Khunnie dancing to Nu ABO in Busan

What did Khun say in Japan?

Khun danced Nu Abo at Jakarta, again?!?!

111110 Meeting 2PM in Jakarta, Indonesia

Photo book was successfully given to Khun in Taiwan

Khuntoria in Maldives (3)

Khuntoria In Maldives (*Contains Spoilers*)

Khuntoria Fan Meets Victoria at Gimpo Airport

Khuntoria in Maldives

Khun & Victoria @ Club Med Maldives

Khuntoria in Maldives

Khuntoria’s filming July 26th

7012011 Music Bank fan account

31052011 Cabi & WGM Filming Fanaccount

Some Khun and Vic in Music Core and Dream Concert

Khuntoria cafe: A korean khuntorian’s fanaccount of Khuntoria at Baseball Stadium

Khuntoria at Baseball game 1

Khuntoria’s interaction at Music Bank

Fan account, Nichkhun at “2PM Osaka concert”

Khuntoria in Huahin

Galaxy U concert, 2pm talked about Khuntoria

Khunnie texted Vic #8682

Thanks to Khuntoria Wikipedia, Official Khuntoria Couple Thread@soompi, Khuntorialurve. khuntoriaworld


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  1. Always wanted to watch Khuntoria couple’s WGM, but I was lazy. 😡
    So I just choosed some sweet and romantic parts and watch.):
    Just watched Khuntoria all over again since yesterday, was so touched by them :3
    Really ship them, KHUNTORIA FIGHTING. ❤
    Btw, your songs are really nice. 🙂

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